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Our Services Include:

  • Aviation Recycling
  • Structures Demolition
  • Petrochemical Facility Demolition/Recovery
  • Railroad Infrastructure Recycling
  • Pipeline Infrastructure Recycling
  • Pumping Plants Demolition/Recovery
  • Agriculture Infrastructure Demolition
  • Utilities Demolition/Recovery

About Us

Sierra's Recycling YardSierra Recycling and Demolition is a skilled team of scrap dismantling, salvage, and processing professionals committed to providing cost-effective recycling and demolition services. Sierra is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality of services in the most efficient and cost effective manner. Customer satisfaction is a top priority at Sierra. We are committed to clean and sound business practices and a safety-conscious organization dedicated to the safety of its employees and others involved in the salvage and dismantlement process. Let us assist you during your next recycling or demolition projects.

Sierra Recycling and Demolition offers complete recycling and demolition services. Our highly skilled team of scrap dismantling, salvage, and processing professionals provide high quality, safe, and cost-effective services.

Crane working at Sierra's Recycling YardEnvironmental Services

Sierra also has the capabilities to offer customers environmental services that compliment the dismantlement process.

  • Asbestos Abatement
  • Solid Waste
  • Lead Paint


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