The S5000 baler/logger is the machine you need at every construction and demolition jobsite. The 16’ 5” long and 32” wide S5000 features a Roll Off or Ampliroll system that makes this machine easily transportable. The S5000’s eject door, remote control capabilities (excluding crane), and customary chamber design will increase your production and help the job get done on time.

The S5000 can bale and log sheet iron, aluminum, and stainless steel with ease. 

With a Cummins 4 cylinder turbo diesel 160 HP engine and a pushing force of 140 tons the S5000 does an average production of 50 to 70 tons per day. With an average log and bale size of 32in. X 25in. X Variable.

The S5000’s optional crane includes a 22-foot boom reach, 290-degree rotation, and a lifting capacity of 2800 lbs. while fully extended, and comes equipped with an Orange Peel grapple with rotator. 

The S5000 portable baler/logger is constructed to last. 

The S5000 includes Sierra’s innovative L-Box shaped design, 11/16th inch abrasion-resistant steel Hardox 450 liner plates, and outer honeycomb construction creating a greater box integrity that protects your investment.


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