Mac 111


The Macpresse balers were created to recover secondary raw material and is capable of baling material ranging from PET to RDF. Out of all the Macpresse machines the MAC 111 is the most efficient thanks to its timing and density.

The MAC 111 single-ram baler can load 88 cubic feet of material at a time, producing 26,500 cubic feet of material in an hour. This baler was created to process large quantities of material in a short amount of time. This model has a 71”X40” feed opening, creating 43⅓”X43⅓” bales. The MAC 111 can create five bales per minute making each cycle time 12 seconds.


Average production by material:


  • Baling production: 13.2 tons per hour


  • Baling production: 24.3 tons per hour

Mix Paper:

  • Baling production: 38.6 tons per hour


Material Processed