Mac 111AS


The Macpresse 111AS single-ram baler was created to quickly process large quantities of material and is capable of baling paper, cardboard, PET, and, all recyclables. This Macpresse is well known for being able to process bulkier material at its entrance without any issues.

The MAC 111AS can load 113 cubic feet of material at a time, producing 33,900 cubic feet of material in an hour and was created to process large quantities of material in a short amount of time. This model has an 82 ½”X40” feed opening, creating 43⅓”X43⅓” bales. The MAC 111AS can create five bales per minute making each cycle time 12 seconds.


Average production by material:


  • Baling production: 15.4 tons per hour


  • Baling production: 27.6 tons per hour

Mix Paper:

  • Baling production: 44.1 tons per hour


Material Processed