GS-715 Inclined Shear


Due to its gravity-fed manufacture, Sierra’s GS-715 is the ideal machine for shearing longer material that can’t properly fit inside a preloading table, therefore allowing scrap yards to process materials of all lengths.

Sierra’s GS-715 is designed to achieve unprecedented productivity levels.

The GS-715 allows for a continuous automatic shearing cycle operating at 4-5 cuts per minute at a 715-ton stroke. Scrap is loaded into a 30-degree shaking inclined floor box made with Hardox liners and transported toward the shear head. The material is then compressed by two 90-ton side flippers, therefore reducing its size. Additionally, the machine features 120-ton pre-compression cylinders with transducers for “smart cutting.”

More power means more production.

This machine is equipped with a Cummins 6-cylinder turbo with 230-horsepower and is soundproof enclosed with easy access for maintenance.

The GS-715 is meant for high volume, bulky scrap processing.

Offering the lowest operational cost for facilities looking to process high quantity amounts of scrap while keeping profit up, the GS-715 is the ideal machine for any scrap material.

Adding versatility for any scrap yard.

This machine gives you the option of 715 or 1000-ton shearing forces to satisfy any amount of work you give it.