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Mac 112XL


The Macpresse 112XL baler was created to bale any material at a fast and sturdy pace. It is capable of baling recyclables to unsorted municipal waste with high density bales.

The MAC 112XL single-ram baler can load 92 cubic feet of material at a time, producing 24,791 cubic feet of material in an hour and was created to process large quantities of material in a short amount of time. This model has a 79”X40” feed opening, creating 43⅓”X43⅓” bales. The MAC 112 XL creates four and a half bales per minute making each cycle time 13.5 seconds.


Average production by material:


  • Baling production: 17.6 tons per hour


  • Baling production: 29.8 tons per hour

Mix Paper:

  • Baling production: 48.5 tons per hour


Material Processed

Other Equipment

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