Sierra’s heavy-duty REB-1 two-ram baler was expertly designed and manufactured to handle all your non-ferrous scrap metal. The REB-1 is the ideal machine for any scrap yard and has a unique shear blade that works on various metals which will allow you to produce bales with the density you need to make weight.

The standard features on the REB-1 two-ram baler gives it unmatched performance and versatility as well, expertly handling a wide range of recyclable materials:

  • MSW
  • UBC
  • PET
  • OCC
  • ONP
  • High grades
  • Aluminum
  • Nonferrous metals
  • And much more…

To eliminate material contamination when changing materials, the REB-1 features an innovative bale eject and oversized bale release door combined with full ejection of bales. This feature also produces better bale integrity, especially on materials with lots of memory. 

The REB-1 two-ram baler uses 143 tons of shearing/baling force to form 46”W x 31”H x 62”L bales, with an average production rate and tons per hour of:

Aluminum Extrusions

  • 1325 lbs. average / 6 tons per hour

Aluminum Siding

  • 1850 lbs. average / 5 tons per hour

Aluminum Radiators

  • 1700 lbs. average / 7 tons per hour

Bright and Shiny

  • 5000 lbs. average / 15 tons per hour

Insulated Copper Wire

  • 3800 lbs. average / 12 tons per hour

Copper Radiators

  • 2800 lbs. average / 9 tons per hour

Copper Tubing

  • 1450 lbs. average / 8 tons per hour

Stainless Steel

  • 3500 lbs. average / 11 tons per hour

The REB-1 baler frame is exceptionally constructed to withstand the high pressure generated by the hydraulic system. The floor, sidewalls, and top of the compaction chamber and the extrusion chamber are completely covered with plug welded Hardox 450 replaceable liners. The energy efficient hydraulic system translates into machines with the highest production rates and lowest energy consumption in their class.


Material Processed