When production and versatility are your primary focus, the innovative Sierra SLK series are the right machines for you.

The T556SLK shear/baler/logger was designed with strength, mobility, and time efficiency. It is available diesel or electric and is a true workhorse that doesn’t require a special foundation. After a two-day assembly process, it is ready to work for you. Easily transportable, the SLK series can be taken from yard to yard with ease, and there is no need for an operator as they come fully equipped with the remote-control operation.

With 556 tons of cutting force, the T556SLK shear/baler/logger has unmatched versatility and is ideal for scrap processors, C&D facilities, and Demolition contractors.


  • Foundry scrap, pipe, beams, plate, HMS #1, HMS #2
  • Shearing production: 16-22 tons per hour


  • Clean sheet, wire, lightweight scrap, tin, clips
  • Size (31” x 25 x Variable), Weight (900 lbs. average)
  • Baling production: 16-22 tons per hour


  • Appliances, automobiles, sheet metal, tin
  • Size (31” x 25” x Variable), Weight (1200 lbs. average)
  • Logging production: 18-22 tons per hour

As with all Sierra machines, the T556SLK is expertly manufactured with an innovative L-Box-shaped design, 11/16th-inch replaceable abrasion-resistant steel Hardox 450 liner plates, and outer honeycomb construction, creating greater box integrity.


Material Processed