The T750CLS shear/baler/logger is one of the most versatile machines on the market today. Giving any sized scrap processor the use of three machines in one. This incredibly reliable machine is the heaviest and best constructed in its class and as with all Sierra shears, the T750CLS uses a smart shear design. This technology uses linear transducers in the shear head and the pre-compression cylinders to instruct the machine to do short-stroke cuts when it’s called for, giving you more cuts per minute and increasing productivity.

The T750CLS provides any sized scrap processor with the maximum ability to take various types of material in their yard and get it to mill-ready specs. 


  • Foundry Scrap, Pipe, Beams, Plate (up to 3 in. thick), Laminated Steel, HMS #1, and HMS #2
  • Shearing Production – 16-26 tons per hour


  • White Goods, Tin, and Clips
  • Size: (31” x 25” x Variable), Weight: (900 lbs. average)
  • Baling Production – 18-23 tons per hour


  • Appliances, Sheet Iron, Car Bodies, and Tin
  • Size: (31” x 25” x Variable), Weight: (1200 lbs. average)
  • Logging Production – 18-25 tons per hour

The T750CLS diesel shear/baler/logger comes equipped with a 230 HP Cummins 6-cylinder turbo diesel, is extremely easy to install, and eliminates the need for a foundation and electrical – reducing added infrastructure costs. 

If you’re looking for an electric machine, the T750-E comes equipped with 2 - 100 HP electric motors.

The T750CLS is a proven machine for the construction and demolition industry.

  • The T750CLS’s hydraulic outrigger design allows it to be easily transported to large demolition projects and process the scrap at a greater capacity than stick shears.
  • The T750CLS allows the demolition contractor the ability to shear, bale, and log material while onsite for large demolition projects. Allowing them to prepare the various materials and then go direct into the market or ship direct to a steel mill; bypassing a scrap yard all together.

Shear/baler/loggers destroy themselves with each cycle, it’s just the nature of the industry, and so you need a machine that can withstand these beatings. 

The T750CLS’s durable construction and design ensures the longevity and durability of this machine. It’s constructed with Sierra’s innovative L-Box shaped design, 11/16th inch abrasion-resistant steel Hardox 450 liner plates, and outer honeycomb construction creating a greater box integrity that withstands the rigors of the scrap industry and keeps you producing longer.


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