As the old adage in the scrap industry goes, “If you can afford to go bigger, you do.”

This statement holds true for the T900CLS shear/baler/logger – the turbo version of the T750CLS. This is the ideal machine for any scrap yard that needs to produce a high volume of industrial scrap or heavier/thicker material that requires more than 750 shear force to be cut. The T900CLS provides that power.

More power means more production. 

The genius behind the T900CLS’s design is the two shear cylinders on the shear head that provide an even smoother cut of the blades, providing the most shearing power of any machine in its class.

With a 31”x 25” shear throat and 900 tons of shear force, the T900CLS shear/baler/logger is the ideal machine for:


  • Foundry scrap, pipe, beams, plate, HMS #1, and HMS #2
  • Shearing production: 22-30 tons per hour


  • Appliances and automobiles
  • Size (31”x25” x Variable)
  • Logging production: 22-30 tons per hour


  • White Goods, Tin, and Clips
  • Baling production: 22-30 tons per hour

With the option of being diesel or electric, the T900CLS offers versatility for any scrap yard.

The T900CLS Diesel comes equipped with a 325 HP Cummins 6-cylinder motor and is ideal for those not ready to invest in the infrastructure needed for an electric machine. The T900CLS is also outfitted with hydraulic outriggers and a self-loading unit that makes it the optimal machine to have at any construction and demolition site.

The T900CLS Electric is equipped with two 125 HP electric motors and, compared to other stationary electric shear/baler/loggers, requires minimal infrastructure.

Proven design, construction, and durability.  

The T900CLS is constructed with Sierra’s innovative L-Box-shaped design, 11/16th-inch abrasion-resistant steel Hardox 450 liner plates, and outer honeycomb construction, creating greater box integrity and durability.


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