The 4200 portable baler/logger of today is the result of 35+ years of first hand experience in Sierra’s own scrap yards as well as from instillations from around the world. This highly portable and productive machine set the industry standard for production.

The 4200 portable baler/logger was designed to be fast so you make maximum profit, which ensures your advantage over others in the marketplace. 

The 4200 can make an 800 lb. 24x20x30 inch bale in under 2 minutes, which is accomplished because of a few key components:

  • The unique curved doors open extra wide so bulky material can easily be loaded and then adds to the compression power applied to the load.
  • It features Sierra’s unique short-stroke rams that greatly reduce cycle times and enable the 4200 to achieve the highest production numbers in its class.
  • The 4200 comes with fully automated baling, logging, and eject cycles.

The 4200 is the perfect solution to densify material and reduce freight costs with baling and logging in MRFs and Transfer Stations:

The 4200 creates smaller and denser mil-spec bales for tin cans and clean sheets with an average density of 85 to 95 lbs. per cubic foot and can log appliances when needed. This reduction in trucking costs will ultimately reduce your emissions and carbon footprint helping your operation run greener.

Customize the 4200 to fit your needs.

The 4200’s smaller dimension and size allows it to easily fit inside MRFs and transfer stations and has the option of coming as diesel or electric and with or without the 2200 lbs. capacity crane with 24’ 8” boom reach and four-point orange peel grapple on X with rotator.

The 4200 has proven to outweigh, out produce, and outlive other portable baler/loggers in its class with models more than 30-years-old still operating today. 

This long-term durability is a result of careful design and construction, including:

  • Sierra’s innovative L-Box shaped design
  • Fortified honeycomb construction
  • The abrasion resistant steel Hardox 450 liner plates that line the loading chamber.


Material Processed