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Sierra’s REB-4 two-ram baler with patented dual-compression doors was developed through years of experience in Sierra’s own recycling facility and was designed to eliminate the common frustrations prevalent within the recycling industry – roll-back, hydraulic and shear shock, shear jams, and bridging – to produce denser bales with less strokes and shorter cycle times.

As with all Sierra two-ram balers, the REB4 can expertly handle a wide range of recyclable materials:

  • MSW
  • UBC
  • PET
  • OCC
  • ONP
  • High Grades
  • Aluminum
  • Non-ferrous metals
  • Tires
  • And many more...

The REB-4 features Sierra’s patent pending dual-compression doors that use 110-tons of force per door to push material below the cutting knife and into the charging chamber, increasing charging efficiency, eliminating roll-back, and pre-densifying material. Leading to a 40% increase in production over typical two-ram balers.

The REB-4 two-ram baler uses 254 tons of shearing/baling force to form 46” W x 31” H x 62” L bales, with an average production rate and tons per hour of:

PET Bottles

  • 1400 lbs. average / 17 tons per hour


  • 1550 lbs. average / 28 tons per hour


  • 1750 lbs. average / 42 tons per hour

Aluminum Cans

  • 1200 lbs. average / 18 tons per hour

Aluminum Sheets

  • 2050 lbs. average / 12 tons per hour

Copper Radiators

  • 3450 lbs. average / 18 tons per hour


  • 1450 lbs. average / 14 tons per hour

Copper Wire

  • 4000 lbs. average / 30 tons per hour

*Sierra reserves the right to change production rates at any time.

The REB-4 two-ram baler allows for greater input density in the charging chamber. When the doors are fully closed there is a minimal gap that requires shearing, reducing the area to be cut by 90%, and allowing for an overall reduction of shear and hydraulic shock, as well as reducing stress on the blades and structure of the machine. This reduction in shearing also reduces energy costs.

The REB-4 baler frame is exceptionally constructed to withstand the high pressure generated by the hydraulic system. The floor, sidewalls, and top of the compaction chamber and the extrusion chamber are completely covered with plug welded ½” Hardox 450 replaceable liners. The high-pressure hydraulic system translates into machines with the highest production rates and lowest energy consumption in their class.

The patented dual-compression doors eliminate pinch points and allow for greater downward compression force on the material without the worry of jamming. The unique design of the doors keeps the baler balanced without putting undue stress on the baler frame.

To eliminate material contamination when changing materials, the REB-4 features an innovative bale eject and oversized bale release door combined with full ejection of bales. This feature also produces better bale integrity, especially on materials with lots of memory.

Bag it or Wrap it. 

The Sierra REBs can be outfitted with specifically designed bagging and wrapping systems


Patent No. US-2020-0139656-A1


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