Sierra's HD3C-2020 three-compression baler is a stationary machine made with the highest degree of engineering in every little detail and is designed for an intense amount of production where high volumes of scrap need to be baled in order to create a #1 bale.

High production and versatility make the HD3C-2020 ferrous baler a profitable performer in virtually any scrap yard.

Once the compaction chamber is filled, a first hydraulic piston carries out the first volume reduction, refining the material in a second compaction chamber. The first presser having the task of closing the compaction chamber first is equipped with knives capable of cutting any metal scrap interposed between the hopper and the first chamber. At this point, a vertically disposed presser induces the second reduction in volume by leading the material into a third compacting chamber. The final density of the pack is obtained with a third transversal pressing by a third presser. The package thus obtained is ejected through an exit door, being able to be pushed by the same presser that made the third pressing.

Technical Features

  • Hopper Dimensions: mm 118" x 98"
  • Open Compaction Box Dimensions: mm 151" x 57" x 71"
  • Complete in-tank oil filtering
  • Side ejection door
  • Sidewall liners and compaction box floor made in Hardox 450 wear-resistant machined steel

Indicative Production Data

  • Bale Size: 19.7" x 19.7" x Variable
  • Average Bale Weight: 1200-1550 lbs.
  • Average Bale Density: 2.4 - 3t/m3
  • Average Hourly Bale Production: 45/50 bales per hour
  • Average Hourly Ton Production: 28/38 tons per hour

Sierra's three-compression baler offers a bigger choice of solutions capable of meeting specific capacity needs.

It is equipped with a loading hopper and a compaction chamber with three movable walls lined with replaceable, bolt-in, tongue and grooved Hardox 450 wear-resistant machined steel liners.


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