Sierra is proud to offer its own conveyors that have been designed to withstand the rigors of the recycling industry. Whether you are processing non-ferrous, fibers, plastic, MSW, or other materials, these conveyors deliver the strength needed to keep any company productive.

The same attention to detail that is put into every Sierra REB two-ram baler was used to create our conveyors, which are fully integrated and offer a total solution for your baling needs. 

There are two conveyor models:

  • The standard Angle Iron Track conveyor with replaceable wear bars and standard ¼ inch side walls is perfect for the typical harshness of the recycling industry.
  • For real heavy use, the Sierra HD model conveyor is made of RAIL Track and also comes with standard ¼ inch Side Walls. This design is perfect for the user in heavy Scrap Metal yards as well as heavy Fiber or MSW applications.

In order to increase durability and reduce maintenance, Sierra’s conveyors feature a direct drive motor which reduces the number of moving parts and increases efficiency.

The conveyors are equipped with a tensioned tail pulley that provides constant tension to the belt. This eliminates slack and improves efficiency, while reducing wear.

Belt and side walls

  • Heavy-duty 1/4” belt pans
  • Full hinge pan engagement
  • Preinstalled belt
  • Solid metal side covers
  • Various widths available
  • Different belt types

Drive Assembly

  • TEFC high efficiency motors
  • SEW quality
  • Direct drive gear box
  • Integral brake motor
  • Inverter duty motor

Tension Tail Pulley

  • The self-aligning spring-loaded tail pulley provides constant tension which eliminates slack, improves belt tracking, reduces wear, improves efficiency, and reduces horsepower requirements.


  • Features a heavy-duty sub structure with an open, structural steel construction that comes completely shop fitted and welded and includes adjustable supports.

Prior to shipping, each conveyor is prewired, fully assembled, and tested at the factory to ensure it is fully operational and meets Sierra standards. 

Because of the success and market acceptance of these conveyors, they are now being sold for replacements of other older conveyors. Customers have recognized that Sierra is a leader in conveyor design and look to Sierra for conveying needs and is customizable to fit their needs.


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