Material Processor

Location: Jesup, GA

Company Overview:
Sierra International Machinery is a leading manufacturer of balers and shears for the recycled materials industry. With a strong commitment to innovation and quality, we design and produce cutting-edge machinery that helps our customers efficiently process and manage recyclable materials. As an industry leader, we are dedicated to delivering reliable and durable equipment that maximizes productivity while minimizing environmental impact.

Job Description:
Sierra International Machinery is seeking a detail-oriented and skilled Material Processor to join our dynamic team. The Material Processor will play a crucial role in the manufacturing process by correctly identifying and handling materials used in production. They will also be responsible for cutting, drilling, and preparing materials prior to their movement to the fabrication stage.


  • Material Identification: Properly identify materials used in the manufacturing process, ensuring accuracy and adherence to specifications. Identify and report any discrepancies or quality issues related to materials.
  • Material Handling: Safely handle and transport materials within the manufacturing facility, following established safety guidelines and procedures. Ensure materials are stored in designated locations to facilitate easy access for production.
  • Cutting and Drilling: Utilize appropriate tools and equipment to cut and drill materials according to specified measurements and requirements. Follow established procedures to achieve accurate cuts and holes.
  • Material Preparation: Prepare materials for fabrication by cleaning, sanding, or grinding as needed. Ensure materials are free from contaminants or imperfections that could affect the fabrication process.
  • Equipment Maintenance: Perform routine maintenance and inspections of tools and equipment used in material processing. Report any equipment malfunctions or safety concerns to the appropriate personnel.
  • Documentation: Complete necessary paperwork and documentation related to material processing activities, such as production logs, quality control forms, and inventory records.
  • Collaboration: Communicate effectively with team members, including supervisors, fabricators, and quality control personnel, to coordinate material processing activities and ensure smooth workflow.


  • Material Processing Experience: A minimum of 1 year of experience in material processing or a related field, preferably in a manufacturing environment. Knowledge of materials commonly used in the industry and their properties.
  • Accuracy and Attention to Detail: Strong attention to detail to ensure correct material identification and accurate processing. Ability to follow specifications and work instructions precisely.
  • Material Handling Skills: Proficiency in safely handling and transporting materials using appropriate equipment, such as carts, overhead cranes, or forklifts. Familiarity with material handling best practices and safety procedures.
  • Cutting and Drilling Proficiency: Experience in using cutting and drilling tools, such as saws, drills, or burn table machines. Ability to achieve precise cuts and holes according to specified measurements.
  • Safety Consciousness: Thorough knowledge of safety practices and procedures related to material processing. Adherence to personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements and safe operating techniques.
  • Physical Fitness: Ability to perform physical tasks, including lifting, carrying, and moving materials. Comfortable working in a physically demanding environment.
  • Team Player: Excellent communication and skills. Ability to collaborate effectively with team members from various departments to achieve production goals.
  • Adaptability: Willingness to work flexible hours and adapt to changing priorities based on operational needs.
  • Basic Computer Skills: Proficiency in using computer applications for documentation and communication purposes.

Sierra International Machinery offers a competitive salary package and a comprehensive benefits package, including health insurance, retirement plans, and opportunities for career development.

Join our team of dedicated professionals and contribute to the production of cutting-edge machinery that helps shape the future of the recycled materials industry.

Note: This job description is intended to outline the general responsibilities and qualifications of the position. It is not exhaustive and may be subject to change or modification to meet the evolving needs of the company.

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