The Sierra RB6000 is the most powerful heavy-duty portable baler/logger in its class and is the ideal machine for any scrap yard or transfer station.  Its innovative L-Box shaped design, 11/16th inch abrasion-resistant steel Hardox 450 liner plates, and outer honeycomb construction creates a greater box integrity that withstands the rigors of the scrap industry and keeps you producing longer.

The industry leading strength of the heavy-duty steel crane gives the machine a greater lifting capacity and longer life, even when lifting heavy materials at a distance.

The fully functional crane is independent of the baler and has continuous rotation, a 26 ft. 3 in. boom length, and 6500 lbs. lifting capacity, even at full extension. It comes equipped with a four-point Orange Peel Grapple on X with rotator.

The RB6000’s automatic baling and logging cycles keep you at peak efficiency. 

With the RB6000’s 170 HP Cummins Turbo Diesel engine you can expect to produce:

  • Baling: 12 - 16 Tons per hour
  • Logging: 18 - 22 Tons per hour
  • Automobile Logging: 26 - 32 Tons per hour

The RB6000 baler/logger is a beast on automobiles, appliances, and lightweight sheet iron; producing logs with the density you need to meet max weight. 

Looking to produce mil-spec bales?

The RB6000’s cylinder comes within 18 inches of each other allowing you to densely bale clips and busheling to mill specifications.

Average Bale and Log specifications:

  • Bales: Size (40 in. X 24 in. X Variable), Weight (850 lbs.)
  • Logs: Size (40 in. X 24 in. X Variable), Weight (1200 - 1400 lbs.)

The portability of the RB6000 baler/logger gives you the versatility you need with the capability of being moved to multiple locations or to different areas within the same location.

The hydraulic powered outriggers provide the needed stability to handle the heavy weight of the machine.

Not looking for a portable baler/logger?

Not a problem. The RB6000 has the option to be either portable or stationary.


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